Video!!! Skip the chemical creams and "dry brush" away crepey, loose, rough skin...really!

Crepey skin is a real issue for women and men that are younger or older and chemical creams are just not your answer. Dry brushing is accurate thinking for crepey skin and will take off dead, old, dry skin cells to reveal healthy, youthful, tighter, airbrushed skin. All it takes is just a few minutes a day, right before your shower or bath and you will be very pleasantly surprised! Did I say it helps with cellulite also!

Below this article (scroll to the bottom) click on the basic video to see how to use a dry brush properly plus the benefits!

Your steps AFTER “Dry Brushing” on dry skin:

  1. Bath or shower

  2. Use natural gentle soaps.

  3. Towel dry (pat do not wipe water off) leaving a bit of moisture on your skin.

  4. Use your natural toner (yes quite amazing!)

  5. Last use a natural body oil (not coconut oil) by its self or add a few drops of the Dr. Lucy Face Oil to your favorite body lotion and apply.

    P.S. I actually use the dry brush (natural bristles only!) in circular motions, I feel it has a better rhythm and removes dead skin cells easier.

    P.P.S Most body lotions do not have enough good oils in them to keep your skin hydrated, that is why I recommend a natural body oil or adding a natural body oil to your natural lotion.

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