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The Dr.Lucy Ultra Moisturizer has become my go-to for days where my skin is really dry. My jar has lasted longer than I imagined as you really don’t need too much, it spreads so easily and when you wake up your skin has a dewy glow. My favourite! I love that the ingredients are natural, organic and all the products are cruelty free. I’ve been using this moisturizer to save my skin after such a cold and dry winter!
— Kelsey Vanderhorst, President & Designer of KV BIJOU
I use Dr. Lucy Skincare regularly. It has really alleviated my “weathered” skin on my forehead and nose. Better than any store products I’ve tried.
— Dick C.
I started using Rebecca Siegfried’s Dr. Lucy Pure Organic Skin Care lotion and oil in 2010. I LOVE the way it makes my “older” skin feel younger, softer and healthier! Using it is a wonderful way to begin and end each day!!!
— Christine C.
I have used Dr. Lucy natural skin care products for years and have seen my skin become healthier and younger looking. Each product does the job as described. The face cleanser makes my skin look and feel fresh. The serum quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated. The ultra moisturizer does just that and the face oil is almost magical the way it soaks into the skin and leaves it glowing.

These products never feel heavy on my skin. More than anything, I love the way my skin feels nourished all day long.
— Carol T
I love Dr. Lucy products because they are easy to apply and made with natural ingredients. I’m not only providing my skin with the best ingredients but keeping it protected with the entire skincare system. The quality of the serum, lotion and oil are far better than I’ve seen in a long time.
Ever since I started using Dr. Lucy I have seen and felt a significant difference in my skin. My skin is much softer and less tired looking. The moisture I feel from these products last throughout the day which is great for being a girl-on-the-go.
I would highly recommend Dr. Lucy to anyone that wants to have younger looking, glowing skin! I know that I’m sharing these products with all of my friends and family and will be using them for a long time.
— Desiree Hartsock
I am always staring at a computer screen or out the window in my office and without a doubt, this is creating wrinkles around my eyes. Once I started using Dr. Lucy’s products, I noticed a big difference in the health of my skin and the wrinkles on my face. My wrinkles are disappearing every day, my face feels more healthy and I notice my skin is certainly more hydrated! I will, without a doubt, continue to use these products forever. Plus, I love that fact that they are made up of quality ingredients!
— Chris Siegfried
Dr. Lucy products are the best facial products I have ever used! I feel like I am treating my face to a luxurious pampering every day, and I have smoother and more evenly toned skin than I can ever remember having! Thank you Becky!
— Nancy Rice
Ever since I have started using Dr. Lucy skin care products, I have noticed a great change and haven’t stopped using it since then. My skin stays moisturized all day, even after washing my face. I have tried other products in the past but they are not the same. Dr. Lucy products are great, high quality and made with natural ingredients. I have even been complimented on how my skin glows and looks very healthy. I recommend this to anyone who wants a healthy, youthful look.
— Claudia Ramirez
— Virginia G
Love your skincare. I have used so many different skincare products over the years, but nothing compares to Dr. Lucy’s skincare line. I love the way it makes my face feel. My face feels so clean and soft. I have finally found the ultimate skin care. And I love that it is all natural. Thank you!
— Sonia Powers