Our “French Way” Mission & Philosophy Statement 


The Dr. Lucy Philosophy:

When we say, “The French Way” it is the truth in every way shape and form. This is what makes Dr. Lucy products so special and Dr. Lucy such a special company. We want you to feel like you are waking-up at the Hôtel Notre-Dame Saint Michel in Paris, where the rooms are designed by Christian Lacroix, walking to the Le Petit Châtelet Restaurant and sitting down at a lovely table inside to have a un cafe allonge (espresso with water) and a warm croissant, drawing in a deep breathe and realizing, “I am in Paris and I feel so French!”


The Dr. Lucy mission statement:

To produce top of the line, naturally potent and formulated correctly fresh, French style skin care products. Which in turn will help to heal, calm, balance, rejuvenate, hydrate and plump your skin naturally without sending it into overdrive with chemical ingredients. It’s Your Skin… Feed It, Love It, Live In It!