"Why You Don't Like Your Skincare Products But Can't Put Your Finger On Why":

1. They tell me my skin has to get use to the product, then it will stop breaking out.

2. Smells too perfumey.

3. The texture is too thick.

4. The texture is too thin.

5. Burns my face when I put it on.

6. Dries out my skin.

7. Makes my skin greasy.

8. My skin Looks dull.

9. My skin is flakey.

10. I can't understand the ingredients on the bottle, they sound like a chemistry    


11. Doesn't really hydrate like it said it would.

12. I guess my skin just doesn't absorb properly.

13. They say the products are natural but they really aren't working.

14. I must be different than everyone else.                                                               


Actually your intuition is right! They just don't belong on your skin!  


Naturally potent and properly formulated products make you look and feel good when you put them on your skin.                                                                                      


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