"Dr. Lucy's Creme Cleanser is the Start of an Exceptional Skincare Routine!"



Here is why:

1. Dr Lucy's Creme Cleanser does not strip your skin or dry it out like gels, foams or soaps can. 
2. Dr. Lucy's Creme Cleanser Is gentle on your skin and is the best way to take off ALL your makeup, dirt, grime, dry flakey skin and old sebum that is on your skin and out of your pores. 
3. Remember when we said, "good oils take bad oils out of your pores". This is also a foundation step in keeping problem causing bacteria at bay.
4. A lot of people are under the impression, unless they use makeup they don't need to cleanse their face. Everyone needs to use a properly formulated creme cleanser like Dr. Lucy's to help keep their skin not only clean but healthy and beautiful!

Dr. Lucy Pure Natural Skincare...The French Way is Different!

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