Introducing Our New Frenchie "Rouge" FREE with purchase of $200 (before discount) or more. Expires Sunday, February 17th! : Use Promo Code: "LOVE2019" S'il vous plait!


Introducing Our New Frenchie "Rouge" FREE with purchase of $200 (before discount) or more. Expires Sunday, February 17th! : Use Promo Code: "LOVE2019" S'il vous plait!

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She is our new revitalizing, target specific, power packed, potent, 100% organic, treatment face oil in a wand!

But WAIT!!! She will not be available on the Dr. Lucy Store to buy until March!...WHAT!!!

I know! That’s not fare to go ahead and post a product like this that nourishes, revitalizes, aids in boosting collagen formation, mega hydration, helps reduce inflammation and redness, helps to regenerate healthy skin cells and helps keep existing cells and tissues healthy and strong, helps improve skins elasticity, the molecular structure of Rouge is compatible to your own skin tissue, aids in brightness, helps protect against sun damage and helps reduce hyper- pigmentation, aids in boosting immunity by helping to prevent the breakdown of cells, helps improves skin tone, calms the skin, absorbs quickly, PLUS! The Clear and Rose Quartz combined with the oils in Rouge synergistically increases the overall health and strength of your skin!

Sooo, starting Tuesday, February 12th and expiring Sunday, February 17th.
Our new, Frenchie “Rouge” that is wrapped in a beautiful, sleek glass, steel roller ball wand, 10 ml bottle will be available to you as a pre-launch GIFT!

“Rouge” is regularly $87 but when you order $200 or more (before the discount code) of Dr. Lucy Pure Natural Skin Care products from our online store she is yours pre-launch! We think you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Plus who doesn’t want to be a little more French! Oui!

Use Promo Code: “LOVE2019” S’il vous plait!

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  1. Tip bottle upside down and right side up two times with the cap on to stimulate the dynamic structure of the crystals and the oils together.

  2. Apply to clean face after toning morning and evening.

  3. Remove cap and gently roll Rouge onto targeted areas around your eyes (keep out of eyes and off the eyelid itself).

  4. Target areas on your face such as forehead, temples, cheeks, and around the mouth, chin, neck and decolletage. Any place you need extra help and protection. Then gently pat or press into skin.

  5. Can be applied over the 2-in-1 Serum and Ultra Moisturizer.

Rouge Revitalizing Face Oil with 100% Organic Ingredients:

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa Canina), Organic Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus Armeniaca), Frankincense (Boswellia Carterri) Essential Oil, Organic Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena) Essential Oil, Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal Quartz.

** All of our 100% organic carrier oils and organic essentials oils come from a quality, high end, world renowned company in England that produces true Soil Association, certified organic food grade (the highest grade) and certified organic, potent therapeutic grade oils to help make those changes to your skin!

** Please keep our essential oils away from children! They are of the purest, 100% organic, highest grade essential oils on the market today, with EXTRA high potency and vitality.