Our “French Way” Mission Statement 


When we say, “The French Way” it is the truth in every way shape and form. This is what makes Dr. Lucy products so special and Dr. Lucy such a special company. We want you to feel like you are waking-up at the Le Bellechasse Hotel in Saint- Germain Des Pres, where the rooms are designed by Christian Lacroix, walking to the Cafe Le Bonaparte and sitting down at a lovely table outside to have a un cafe allonge (espresso with water), drawing in a deep breathe and realizing, “I am in Paris!” After walking down the quaint streets of Saint-Germain Des Pres, you head over to Relais de I’Entrocote (that little restaurant at the end of the street with the red curtains and awning) to have the best steak with a secret sauce (gravy) and potatoes that you have ever had! This is all part of the “French Way” experience we talk about. So now every day, when you take care of your skin morning and night, you can have your own personal, Dr. Lucy “French Way” experience. Fantastique!