Luxurious 6 Piece Sample Kit With NEW Mini 5 ml Atomizer Toner! TSA Approved!

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Luxurious 6 Piece Sample Kit With NEW Mini 5 ml Atomizer Toner! TSA Approved!

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This luxurious 6 piece Sample Kit is the perfect way to start the Dr. Lucy fresh, natural, skin care system!

We added the NEW mini atomizer toner that will last you at least one full week (3 sprays per day x 2)! Plus, it is just the right size for travel, in your purse, pocket or car and it is TSA approved!

This new mini atomizer toner is for anytime you need to balance, refresh, breathe in calm and hydrate on the go. The Dr. Lucy Sample Kit is always the perfect fresh, natural, luxurious, top of the line skin care gift also!

Bring the power of your skin care products to a higher level of benefit by adding this luxurious Balance and Refresh Toner to your skin care regime. This will allow the serum, moisturizer and face oil to penetrate deeper into the skin layers and in turn will balance the PH of the skin to aid in protecting, softening and moisturizing the skin.

Bolstered by a broad spectrum of natural alpha hydroxy acids and Vitamin C, Vitamin A-carotene, Vitamin E, plus 20 minerals to aid in gently exfoliating dead skin cells, and restoring the appearance of a youthful, glowing complexion.


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“As a young mother I’d been desperately in need of an ‘effective’ natural skin care line that didn’t contain harmful chemicals while pregnant and breastfeeding. Since finding Dr. Lucy Skincare line I’ve not only taken better care of my skin (thank you for all the educational content in your emails and on your website! It reminds me how important taking care of my skin is!) and seen incredible results in the softness and radiance in my skin. I will never go back to cheap, harmful skin care again. I’m so thankful for Dr. Lucy and recommend it to anyone who wants natural, safe, and effective skin care for their skin! It’s worth every penny! (and mine has actually lasted much longer than I thought it would so more affordable than I even initially expected!)” -Rachel K. Holt

“I bought the trial set (loved it) and just received my full size bottles!!! I’m over the moon how balanced my skin is. I usually wear mineral powder but lately I’ve put some mascara on and the rest of my face glows! As I approach my 40’s this is GOOD news." -@eatsleepandrun